Moving In workshop

Workshop: MOVING IN 18-22 August 2014 Helsinki, Finland
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At ‘Base Camp Eskus’ we will spend a week together, create our own mini-community, whilst live, on our doorstep is the construction performance of the century, Kalasatama, an ongoing ‘production with a huge ‘cast’. With these performative transformations happening around us as a backdrop, we’ll attempt to navigate the tricky role the artist faces when working in a community setting linked to a regeneration remit. We’ll explore the ethics and pitfalls involved and then attempt to work together to make practical interventions in public space.

What to expect • A stimulating and playful environment to support you to be creative. • The chance to experiment and collaborate with interesting individuals. • There’ll be screenings introducing artists whose initiatives are deeply motivated by concerns for social justice and equality. • Armed with a “toolbox” of tactics and techniques, you’ll be supported to implement a small project of your own. • After the workshop we have the possibility to continue working together over the following weeks to present our work at Amorph14 festival in October.

For more info email me(at at)mydadsstripclub.com