Partying in IKEA

Report came in from a new Dutch contact

On the 20th of December, starting 5pm, a party was held at IKEA Amsterdam and Paris simultaneously. About forty people joined the party in Amsterdam. They brought drinks, cake, streamers, games and came dressed up. About four interior displays were thus transformed into parties. Read More...

A new low in supermarket fascism

Getting arrested.... and a new low in supermarket fascism, a man was arrested and then fined £95 for not using a basket when he went into his local Eddah store to buy one item. When Carst Kijlstra, from Holland, went to pay for it the shop assistant refused to serve him saying he must have a basket. "Don't be ridiculous" said Mr Kijlstra who then left the money on the counter and went home. At home while cooking his dinner a police car arrived at his house to arrest him. After being held for an hour Mr Kijlstra was allowed to go home if he agreed to pay the £95 fine and stay out of the shop for 12 months.
Source: SchNEWS

The Hunger Strikers Picnic

The Hunger Strikers Picnic 25 November 2003
It was lunchtime and Nottingham's UK Reactor crew held a hunger-strike-picnic in support of the Thessaloniki 7, they arrived masked up (using paper plates with eyeholes cut out)

There was no food on the plates but they had a smashing time anyway.
Passers-by joined in the smash to help raise local awareness of an international injustice.