Change a-loo-yah!

Change a-loo-yah! The good Reverend is back in town, socking it to the forces of global consumerism and championing the local and the sustainable. Join him and his mighty fine Gospel Choir as they attempt to exorcise the demons of corporate commercialism! Catch up with us as we travel with them on tour.

14 July Nottingham
15 July Colchester
16 July Lattitude Fest
17 July London
18 July Liberate Tate London

More info at www.revbilly.com

Limited Edition

We’re delighted to be supporting the fabulous Rev Billy and the Church of Life After Shopping Gospel Choir on the UK leg of the 2011 Earthalujah Tour. To commemorate the happy occasion Chris has created a special issue of toys to go with Macdonalds UnHappy Meal. Sadly the animals got ill eating that nasty fast food, poor Mucky Mouse has piles from shitting out sesame seeds and the Unhappy Hoss has nasty sores.