Valentines Day saw a comment on the marketing of love and romance, held in ASDA Supermarket Nottingham UK (part of the Wal-Mart chain). Rejected lovers returned themselves to the shelves and waited patiently for their next partner, next to the price of a cheap quick fix divorce. Hanging around their necks were the ASDA discount stickers usually seen on goods going rapidly out of date.

To close the evening one of the Wal-Martyrs told a worker he wanted to declare his love and he was allowed access to the public address system. Wearing a ' WHOOPS! Was Married now Divorced' sign around his neck James announced he had fallen in love. A crowd of staff and shoppers gathered in anticipation as he declared:

"I was married and now I'm divorced and I have had a difficult time recently. But now I have fallen in love and I want to tell you all that I'm in love with Asda / Wal-Mart and I want to tell you why."

He went on to give his reasons including:
• I love the fact that they employ children to make the clothes
• I love the fact that they spray chemicals all over our food
• I love the fact that they pay their workers really really low wages
It was at this point the microphone got cut off, but he was given a hearty round of applause by the crowd who had gathered.

Big thanks to Jon Burgerman, The Vacuum Cleaner and the Wal-Martyrs.