Over the counter culture

New York, December 2002:

Over the Counter Culture
"If you love your country, if you want to fight terrorism, go out this weekend and shop" - President George Bush
Inspired by the President's invitation to shop we took a trip on New Years Eve to Times Square, New York to begin shopping for 2003 right in the heart of the nation of consumption. In 'Over the Counter Culture' we present an evening of video and tales of performances in held in public spaces, some right in the heart of corporate chain stores, where the "shopping experience" is most ritualized. We introduce the work of both UK and North American based artists from organisation's such as Adbusters, Dedomenici, Fanclub, My Dads Strip Club, Retag, Rev Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping, Space Hijackers, The Vacuum Cleaner and Whirl-Mart.

How to rob a bank

Customers carefully map out a bank's security features leaving the information in the bank for new customers to find

April Fools

April Fools - Arts Council Couple

Brush your hair, stay fit and trim, it's time for the Arts FUNding to begin...