His Eminence



One of the highlights for us this year has been supporting the development of the work by a new initiative known as the BitchesTeaBoys. It's been a real pleasure working with them.

Howe and Mills are founding members of BitchesTeaBoys a live art initiative based in Scotland.
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Their first video Bootscamp documents a street performance in their home city of Dundee. It was made to address the following

9.6% of Scotlands population, that’s about 500,000 people are prescribed Methadone on a daily basis. Many of these patients have to go everyday to the pharmacy be supervised to take their medication. Pharmacies can claim up to £4.06 per person per day to do this. Many patients are unhappy with the way that the pharmacies treat them as customers. 

 made Bootscamp in the Scottish city of Dundee to get this issue talked about locally. It has a gentle, playful subversive edge, with the boys squatting what they consider to be over managed urban spaces.



A Thursday evening in Dundee city centre and The Spacemakers get ready to go out to play.

The city centre is our playground


Being Daring in Dundee

We’re in Scotland until July 2010 with support from the exhibitions department at Duncan of Jordanstone we’re able to work with D-AiR (pronounce it ‘Dare’) a new initiative in the city putting on a series of events at The Hannah Maclure Centre on the top floor of Abertay University in Dundee. We’ll be kicking off the proceedings Thursday 15 April with My Dads Strip Club presents... followed by The Spacemakers running for six Thursday evenings in May and June

7.30 15 April 2010 My Dads Strip Club Presents....

20 May - 24June 2010 The Spacemakers