14th December 2003

Dear Mr Wilkinson,

This week over 1,500 leaflets were distributed in Nottingham city centre right outside of your store. The leaflets revealed that Wilkinson’s Hardware are sending work into private prisons and prisoners are working for, at the very most, £1.20 a day.
This sent Shockwaves around the store.

Because you describe the company as having a ‘caring’ outlook.
As you can understand this has angered and dismayed some of your most loyal customers.They are asking that you Finish your dealings with the private prison service.

Of course we can see how this is an attractive option for you. Prisoners can be paid less than £5 for a week’s work. Much cheaper than paying a proper work force, think of all the savings you make, there’s no unions involved and you don’t have to be concerned with health and safety. Plus there’s the added bonus of not worrying about sick or holiday pay, and if there’s no work they can simply be locked back in their cells.

You have hit a Sore Spot with some of your most valued customers.

So please start to clean up your act....or the only way we’ll be shopping in your store will be in handcuffs.


The Wilko's Hit Squad
 For more info go to the Campaign Against Prison Slavery